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Migrating Trac Contents Elsewhere

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Trac/SVN Migration to SL59

Migration Overview

2-stage strategy

Attack in two stages:

  1. migrate “env” asis into bitbucket


Not really a migration, this is new creation.

  1. create a (3?) new repositories with
    • g4dae : just the geant4 exporter
    • g4daeview : visualization, optional dependency on g4daechroma
    • g4daechroma : mapping from g4dae into chroma and propagation steering

Division to allow users without Chroma/CUDA to still benefit from the visualization functionality.

  • hg convert can extract history of parts of the SVN repo in its conversion into Mercurial, so can partition into separate repos. Which can then be fixed up for the different python import paths.

code and revision history

  1. see hg-convert trying hg convert
  2. alternative
  3. probably just leave: wiki markup in commit messages


  1. see trac2bitbucket-wiki
    • needs a wiki repo first
  2. works, creates txt files for each Trac wikipage
    • more of a backup than a migration


  1. see trac2bitbucket-tickets

trac timestamps

Using Trac 0.11, so need to remove a factor of 1 million on timestamps.

In Trac API 0.12, the representation of timestamps was changed from seconds since the epoch to microseconds since the epoch: