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NuWa CMT Debugging

EventDisplay CoordinatesΒΆ

Users specify which local transform to apply to global coordinates (which frame is the global one, really universe ?) by means of DE (detector element) names starting /dd/Structure/...

In order to make sense of any such coordinates (eg to display ntuple/histogram content within the 3D representation) need to have access to the G4AffineTransforms for all DE. Currently the IDMAP machinery only caches transforms for cathode volumes with PmtId attached.


  1. during geometry traverse already constructing G4TouchableHistory for every volumes
  2. harvest G4AffineTransform for all DE obtained with TH2DE into a persistable map keyed on DE name, similar to G4DAETransformCache perhaps G4DAETransformMap

All DE are traversed by:

[blyth@ntugrid5 ~]$ which