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NuWa on Mavericks

Getting NuWa installed on Mavericks, with clang will take effort:

delta:~ blyth$ dybinst-
delta:~ blyth$ dybinst-cd
delta:dyb blyth$ dybinst-all
Checking out installation directory installation/trunk/dybinst.
Making directory ./external

Wed Feb 12 11:19:47 CST 2014
Start Logging to /usr/local/env/dyb/dybinst-20140212-111947.log (or dybinst-recent.log)

Starting dybinst commands: cmt checkout external optional projects

Stage: "cmt"...

Downloading ...done
Unpacking CMTv1r20p20080222.tar.gz ...done
Building CMT ...
Stage: "checkout"...

SVN checkout to /usr/local/env/dyb/NuWa-trunk ...
Command: svn co -q /usr/local/env/dyb/NuWa-trunk
Found CMTCONFIG="i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-dbg" from lcgcmt
Checking your CMTCONFIG="i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-dbg"...
#CMT> Warning: apply_tag with empty name [$(cmt_compiler_version)]
#CMT> Warning: apply_tag with empty name [$(cmt_compiler_version)]

ERROR: CMTCONFIG is not compatible!

CMTCONFIG is:   "i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-dbg"
Should be like: "i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-dbg"

You may be explicitly defining CMTCONFIG or you are using a platform
that is not yet supported.  If you don't care about what CMTCONFIG is
set to, then do not set it prior to running dybinst.  If you do want
to force CMTCONFIG or you have a new platform you must add support

To add support you must edit:


1) If the CMTCONFIG shown above has any "Unknown" parts you must add
various host-* tags based on the intrisic output of:

$ cmt show tags
CMTp20080222 (from CMTVERSION)
Darwin (from uname) package CMT implies [Unix]
i386 (from package CMT)
mac109 (from package CMT)
Unix (from package CMT) excludes [WIN32 Win32]

And then you may need to add to the "host-os", "host-compiler" and
"host-cpu" macros definitions.

2) To tell CMT what your platform characteristcs are, you must define
various "tag-*" tags based on the CMTCONFIG tag.  The standard form is

### Daya Bay CMTCONFIG tags
tag i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-dbg tag-XXX tag-YYY tag-ZZZ tag-dbg
tag i386-darwin-UnknownCompiler-opt tag-XXX tag-YYY tag-ZZZ tag-opt
### end Daya Bay CMTCONFIG tags

Note, replace any "Unknown" with what you fixed in step 1.

 failed with 1

Bring new config to NuWa

Seemingly matching CMTCONFIG that still cause error:

Quoting from the ticket:

Even when the CMTCONFIG comes out matching ... can get a failure if your combination of
targets is not in LCG_basesystem.

Looking at the revisions of others doing this can help