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ZMQRoot is general purpose glue code giving ROOT TObjects ZeroMQ transport capabilities. Its something that should eventually be part of ROOT.

(chroma_env)delta:zmqroot blyth$ find .

Depends on:

  • ROOT TObject/TMessage, needs dictionary generation
  • ZMQ C library

How to make usable from NuWa detsim ?

  1. Model after NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan (simple ROOT dependant pkg with dict generation)
  2. -DWITH_ZMQ preprocessor protect use of zmq.h with do nothing stubs, for transitionally not breaking build
  3. add ZMQ lcgcmt external
  4. can skip the python, thats not needed at client end : the producer of TObjects being from C++
[blyth@belle7 dybx]$ find NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi -name 'requirements' -exec grep -H HistMan {} \;
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan/cmt/requirements:package HistMan
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan/cmt/requirements:library       HistMan     *.cc
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan/cmt/requirements:apply_pattern linker_library       library=HistMan
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan/cmt/requirements:apply_pattern install_more_includes more=HistMan
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/HistMan/cmt/requirements:apply_pattern reflex_dictionary dictionary=HistMan \
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/Utilities/UtilitiesRelease/cmt/requirements:use HistMan     v*  Utilities
NuWa-trunk/dybgaudi/DybSvc/StatisticsSvc/cmt/requirements:use HistMan         v*  Utilities


ChromaPhotonList, simple TObject std::vector photon info collector

  • ROOT
  • Geant4 (could easily be removed)

Usable from Detsim ?

  1. Header only class included into
    • Nope it needs dictionary generation
  2. expedient: make it travel with Utilities/ZMQRoot ? As “an example” (this is the quick way).