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Network Time Protocol

Non-Root package management

Package Management convenience without root access, can it be done ?

RPM background

RPM configuration via release pkg

The equivalent of redhat-release package on ordinary redhat appears to be sl-release on Scientific Linux machines.

[blyth@belle7 ~]$ sudo yum --enablerepo=epel search sl-release
sl-release.i386 : Scientific Linux release file
sl-release-notes.noarch : Scientific Linux release notes files
[blyth@belle7 ~]$ rpm -ql sl-release

mock -r configname

Mock can be used to create chroots for testing things, not just building packages. Create a config file that points to the repo(s) of your choice, where your test packages are

mock -r <config-name> --init
mock -r <config-name> --install <your packages>
mock -r <config-name> --shell

Why use mock to shell, why not chroot directly?

  • Using mock to “shell” will allow mock to create the mountpoints you’ll probably need inside the chroot.

Zero Install