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Geant4 CAD interface

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Geant4 Geometry and Visualization

Visualisation, overlap detection are closely related to geometry conversion. So tools that do these should be mined for possibilities.

Drivers: OpenGL, HepRep, VRML, DAVID, DAWN

  • VRML is looking the most promising, as its the most widely supported format exportable


[blyth@cms01 visualization]$ du -hs *
1.3M    OpenGL
1.1M    HepRep
1.1M    management
884K    OpenInventor
812K    modeling
508K    XXX
428K    VRML
420K    RayTracer
380K    externals
304K    FukuiRenderer
132K    History
184K    Tree
8.0K    GNUmakefile
[blyth@cms01 visualization]$ pwd


The Geant4 DAVID visualization tool can infact automatically detect the overlaps between the volumes defined in Geant4 and converted to a graphical representation for visualization purposes. The accuracy of the graphical representation can be tuned onto the exact geometrical description. In the debugging, physical-volume surfaces are automatically decomposed into 3D polygons, and intersections of the generated polygons are investigated. If a polygon intersects with another one, physical volumes which these polygons belong to are visualized in color (red is the default).


Paint by gl calls approach. Pre-2.0 glsl, so no explicit(useful) geometry conversion.

[blyth@cms01 src]$ vi
[blyth@cms01 src]$ pwd