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Export GDML

GDML Approaches ExploredΒΆ
NuWa module that uses GiGaRunActionGDML to get NuWa to export .gdml via GiGa
Bash invokation of
Cursory GDML parse and creation of SQLite DB. Objective was to make a comparison with the shapedb created from WRL exported via VRML2FILE. Not pursued.
Full GDML XML parse using Elementtree, with creation of walkable volume hierarchy
Use of Geant4Py (a boost_python wrapping of Geant4) to use the G4GDMLParser from python, giving access to the real G4 volume hierarchy. Unfortunately the wrapping misses the vital G4VSolid::GetPolyhedron. MAYBE: Try adding that to G4Py
Geant4 main that uses G4GDMLParser to read the .gdml and spit out vertices. Did not pursue as too much reinventing wheel. Instead proceeded to the VRML2FILE and GDML export codes as starting points.