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G4DAEView Ideas

G4DAEView Dependencies

Dependencies Tree

  • PyOpenGL
  • glumpy
    • OpenGL.GLUT (PyOpenGL wrapped)
      • GLUT.framework
  • ROOT, used for ChromaPhotonList deserialization

Alternatives to GLUT ?

The glumpy dependency GLUT.framework prevents going beyond OpenGL 2.1, GLSL 120. This is despite OSX 10.9 system and MBP hardware supporting OpenGL 4.1.

Implications of ancient OpenGL 2.1

  1. developing against obsolete API, eg the geometry shader extension API
  2. GLSL 120 (even with extensions) have very poor int/uint support so forced to do even simple things like photon selection based on flags in CUDA rather than the shader

migration from glumpy to glfw