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BVH Splits

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G4DAEView geometry cache


Organize the plethora of quantities into entities.

Classification considerations.

  1. parameters for which changes demand restart of the worker
    • geometry file
    • geometry selection
    • flavor of the worker, non-vbo OR vbo
    • propagation kernel
  2. parameters of kernel launch, easily tuned
    • threads per block
    • max blocks, determines how the work gets split into kernel launches
  3. result timings
    • investigate scaling with number of photons to see what makes sense for comparing different events

Performance Data Model examples

Instrumenting Python Code


Profiling Python

  1. lineprofiler-

Graphite : Graphing infrastructure

carbon - a Twisted daemon that listens for time-series data whisper - a simple database library for storing time-series data (similar in design to RRD) graphite webapp - A Django webapp that renders graphs on-demand using Cairo