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Chroma Camera DAE Debug

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Chroma Camera Enhancements

Remote Steering/Lookat/Viewpointmarks

Analogous to my Navigator and DBUS modifications to MeshLab.

Need to send strings (DAENode identifiers and relative positions) from a remote process to the running chroma-cam pygame application and get those handled in its event loop, eg changing viewpoint.

An approach using UDP to pick up the message and post to the pygame event queue.

Maybe can do the IPC at a higher level with zeromq ?

GPU resident pixels

No point pulling CUDA ray traced pixels back to host only to send them back to GPU for display with OpenGL. Instead use shared PBOs.

Calculate ray directions in CUDA code

Currently have number of pixel sized arrays: position and direction. Both unnecessary, can determine px,py from thread index and offset. Those together with tan(yfov/2) can yield ray directions.