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Chroma Visualisation

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Geant4 Background

Photon Mapping

A technique used in ray tracers to provide global illumination based on density of photon hits might provide an interesting way to “see” what events looks like inside the ADs.

Accelerated Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping On GPU

Opposite Renderer

This project is a part of Stian Pedersen’s master’s thesis project at NTNU. This demo renderer contains a GPU implementation of the Progressive Photon Mapping algorithm. It is written in C++ using CUDA and OptiX. The renderer has a GUI and can load scenes from the well known Collada (.dae) scene format. It has a client-server architecture allowing multi-GPU (distributed) rendering with any number of GPUs. It has been tested with up to six GPUs via Gigabit ethernet with very good speedup.


Mathias Neumann:

GPU-based global illumination using CUDA MNRT is a demo application I developed while working on my Diplomarbeit (German master thesis equivalent) about GPU-based global illumination. This page is a collection of links to content about MNRT.