OKGEO : Opticks middle management


Has accumulated a bit too much : has become OpticksOctopus with arms everywhere, but extracating will take a long time, so just chip away at functionality and indescriminate usage when see the opportunity (eg when can directly use a constituent do so rather than going via the hub)

Another example, OpticksEvent handling is done entirely via the m_run visitor from Opticks : its more expressive to use m_run directly rather than via the hub.

Formerly envisioned the hub as a switching ground between multiple geometry instances GGeo/GScene/GGeoTest (all GGeoBase) for triangulated/analytic/test geometry but now are aiming at single GGeo : to cover all of these

GGeo holder/loader/fixer
high level Genstep control
Wrapper around hostside(only?) indexing functionality