Updating this documentation

Edit the RST:

vi ../index.rst install.rst misc/material_and_surface_properties.rst

Build the html from RST:

[blyth@localhost ~]$ cd ~/opticks
[blyth@localhost opticks]$ make
## fix any major RST problems

Open the html documentation in your browser locally (file based):

epsilon:opticks blyth$ open ~/simoncblyth.bitbucket.io/opticks/index.html
## tip for gnome users, add open function to .bashrc :  open(){ gio open $* ; }

Preview using local webserver:

open http://localhost/opticks/index.html

In the rst reference images from ~/simoncblyth.bitbucket.io using urls starting with “//env” such as:

.. image:: //env/Documents/Geant4OpticksWorkflow/Geant4OpticksWorkflow.001.png
    :width: 1024
    :alt: Geant4-Opticks-OptiX Workflow

This works via the env and opticks symbolic links planted in /Library/WebServer/Documents/

Publish html to bitbucket:

[blyth@localhost ~]$ cd ~/simoncblyth.bitbucket.io/
[blyth@localhost simoncblyth.bitbucket.io]$ git status

...    ## git add new and modified files

[blyth@localhost simoncblyth.bitbucket.io]$ git commit -m "update docs, especially wrt CMake version requirement of 3.12+ "
[blyth@localhost simoncblyth.bitbucket.io]$ git push

Check the published result:

open https://simoncblyth.bitbucket.io/opticks/

Tip for inclusion of RST that is maintained within sources

find . -name '*.rst' -exec grep -H start-after {} \;


.. include:: CTraverser.hh
   :start-after: /**
   :end-before: **/