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Migration steps

Gain access to target

g4pb:renderer blyth$ ssh II
Last login: Mon Oct 21 09:48:27 2013 from
|  Time  |      Up Time     |Loing Users|        Load Average        |
 09:55:14 up 90 days,  5:45, 13 users,  load average: 2.14, 1.61, 1.30

-bash-3.2$ ssh NN
Last login: Mon Oct 21 09:56:59 2013 from
[root@dayabay1 ~]#

checkout env SVN repo onto target

[root@dayabay1 ~]# pwd
[root@dayabay1 ~]# svn co env

hookup env repo bash functions to bash shell

[root@dayabay1 ~]# vi .bash_profile
[root@dayabay1 ~]# tail -6 .bash_profile

# hookup env bash functions
export      ENV_HOME=$HOME/env       ; env-(){      [ -r $ENV_HOME/env.bash ]           && . $ENV_HOME/env.bash            && env-env $* ; }

get into env

simon:e blyth$ env-   # if not already done in .bash_profile
simon:e blyth$ t t
t is aliased to `type'

env bash function usage guidelines

  1. Update SVN working copy and pickup changes with env- etc.. before using the bash functions
  2. Use the t alias to follow along what unfamiliar functions are doing before using them, in order to ensure no harm will result and to allow easier fixing when they fail
  3. Commit changes to the functions to the env SVN repository, with a brief but informative commit message

node characterisation

The env seeks to factor away node specifics, via definition of a NODE_TAG for each node and bash functions with echoing case statements for standard things eg:

[root@dayabay1 e]# t local-var-base
local-var-base is a function
local-var-base ()
    local t=${1:-$NODE_TAG};
    case $t in
            echo /var
            echo /disk/d3/var
            echo /disk/d3/var
[root@dayabay1 e]# local-info

   For tag Y1   (actual node is Y1)

   local-server-tag  : P   node designated as the source node holding the repository
   local-restore-tag : H1  node holding the backup tarballs of the designated server node
   local-backup-tag  : U   paired node to which backups are sent from Y1

   local-system-base :  /usr/local
   local-base        :  /usr/local
   local-var-base    :  /var
   local-base-env    :  /usr/local/env
   local-scm-fold    :  /home/scm
   local-user-base   :  /tmp
   local-output-base :  /tmp

characterizing a new node

  1. pick an unused NODE_TAG (eg Y1 for dayabay1) see local-nodetag
  2. extend case statements to accomodate the new tag, see local-info

trac build and instance migration

The primary entry point bash functions are:

local node initialization, prerequiste installs appropriate to the configured mode (system OR source), getting and installing ~15 python packages, including trac, bitten, bittennotify, ...
writes apache config files for Trac/SVN to be included into httpd.conf
Grab tarballs from source node if not already backup in target.
expands the backup tarballs for the Trac and SVN instances and does configurations


simon:migration blyth$ t trac-build
trac-build is a function
trac-build ()

Trac pre-requisites are obtained and build by tracpreq-again. This operates in source and system modes. In source mode the sources for SVN/apache/swig/python/... are downloaded and build, whereas in system mode only two python packages are grabbed: setuptools, configobj

simon:e blyth$ t tracpreq-mode-default
tracpreq-mode-default is a function
tracpreq-mode-default ()
    case ${1:-$NODE_TAG} in
        ZZ | C | Y1)
            echo system
            echo source

tracbuild-auto gets/installs the packages listed by tracbuild-names:

[root@dayabay1 e]# trac-
[root@dayabay1 e]# tracbuild-
[root@dayabay1 e]# tracbuild-names
genshi tractrac bitten accountmanager bittennotify fullblog navadd pygments silvercity svnauthzadmin textile tracdoxygen tracnav tractags tractoc

The packages are mostly checked out from the original SVN repositories

  • TODO: archive the packages and place the tarballs somewhere accessible to avoid dependencies on ~15 remote SVN servers
  • (Oct 2013, the bittennotify svn server was found to no longer be accessible)

interference with pre-existing packages

Pre-installation of any of these packages is liable to cause issues. It is simplest to uninstall them if they are already present in the python being used.

test migration of dybsvn to dayabay1 (Oct 2013)

Initially perform staight copy of dayabay/dybsvn with no version changes or other improvements.

Problems encountered:

  1. configobj-build had to be done manually, why not automated ?
    • now added to tracpreq-py, unsure why this was omitted
    • UNTESTED FIX IN env:r4013
  2. tracbuild-auto ran into missing bittennotify, due to remote SVN server no longer being accessible
    • Lin Tao is working in archiving all remote dependencies with package- functions
  3. navadd- Trac configuration stomps upon “query,daily” changing to “query”
    • this means the migrated Trac omits the extra “daily” tab
    • probably the “daily” was added manually, without inclusion into the functions
    • UNTESTED FIX IN env:r4007
  4. scm-recover-lastlinks omitted to set up a last links to the recovered svnsetup dated directory which forced manual definition of the symbolic link in order to allow login to Trac
  5. issue with the SVN authz file, it had to be manually scp from dayabay to dayabay1
  6. ssh from dayabay (WW) to dayabay1 (Y1) is blocked, preventing setting up dayabay1 as a backup target from dayabay. Workaround was to manually pull (scp) the SVN/Trac/svnsetup tarballs from the dayabay1 end.
    • netstat/iptables/sshd-on-other-port investigations fruitless, maybe a cc blockage ?

2nd pass issues

  1. Chinese LANG setting prevented patch application
  2. missing bitextra package (from tracdev annobit), prevented daily tab from appearing

migration planning

  1. will the name be retained ?
    • decide on the sequence of steps, tests to do

other migration tasks

  1. backup system, cron jobs on dayabay1 to run backup scripts
  2. dybaux migration has SVN pre-commit hook complications
  3. dybaux trac sqlite db is bloated from bitten logs, dev work is need to purge old entries


  1. AccountManager plugin is outdated (has security issues), and needs to be updated
  2. bitten build html formatting need to be made wider

minor future work

A few dependencies are still being grabbed from uncontrolled remote repositories by tracpreq-py:

  • setuptools
  • configobj

more significant future work

longterm env operability

The env repository is currently hosted at NTU. Longer term support of this repository after summer 2014 cannot be relied upon. As this contains the scripts that build/maintain/backup the dayabay repositories a migration of env (or probably a subset of it) to another server distinct from the one that runs dybsvn is needed.

It needs to be on a distinct server as the means to recover from a backup are contained within env.

One possibility to avoid the maintenance burden is to migrate the relevant portions of env into public hosting servers such as bitbucket or github, from where it can be forked into relevant administrators accounts.