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July 30, 2015 Manual Stop prior to powercut

Note that commandline is slow.:

Last login: Thu Jul 30 15:16:29 on ttys011
simon:~ blyth$ vin
simon:~ blyth$ ssh C2
Enter passphrase for key '/Users/blyth/.ssh/id_rsa':
Last login: Thu Jul 30 15:13:19 2015 from
[blyth@cms02 ~]$
[blyth@cms02 ~]$ sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now "goin down"

Broadcast message from root (pts/0) (Thu Jul 30 15:35:47 2015):

goin down
The system is going down for system halt NOW!

Oct 14, 2014

Its up, but cannot ssh in and pinging has intermittent timeouts:

delta:swift blyth$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=62 time=1.940 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=62 time=2.330 ms
Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=62 time=2.093 ms
Request timeout for icmp_seq 4
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=62 time=2.071 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=62 time=2.137 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=62 time=13.915 ms
Request timeout for icmp_seq 8
64 bytes from icmp_seq=9 ttl=62 time=2.143 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=10 ttl=62 time=5.739 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=11 ttl=62 time=2.199 ms
--- ping statistics ---
12 packets transmitted, 9 packets received, 25.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1.940/3.841/13.915/3.737 ms
delta:swift blyth$

Sep 4, 2014

  1. googlebot is worst offender, so in google webmaster tools limit crawl rate to 0.01 per second


[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=02/Sep/2014
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:00|wc -l 1515
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:01|wc -l 1405
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:02|wc -l 1362
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:03|wc -l 1274
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:04|wc -l 1219
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:05|wc -l 1305
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:06|wc -l 1418
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:07|wc -l 1577
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:08|wc -l 1380
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:09|wc -l 1243
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:10|wc -l 248
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:11|wc -l 244
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:12|wc -l 342
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:13|wc -l 365
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:14|wc -l 377
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:15|wc -l 390
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:16|wc -l 423
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:17|wc -l 550
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:18|wc -l 411
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:19|wc -l 412
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:20|wc -l 478
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:21|wc -l 554
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:22|wc -l 429
cat access_log|grep 02/Sep/2014:23|wc -l 682
[root@cms02 logs]#
[root@cms02 logs]#

[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=03/Sep/2014
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:00|wc -l 767
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:01|wc -l 746
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:02|wc -l 739
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:03|wc -l 788
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:04|wc -l 845
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:05|wc -l 3
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:06|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:08|wc -l 1
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:11|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:12|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:13|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:14|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:16|wc -l 41
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:17|wc -l 690
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:18|wc -l 398
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:19|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:20|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:21|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:22|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 03/Sep/2014:23|wc -l 0

[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=04/Sep/2014
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:00|wc -l 1
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:01|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:02|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:03|wc -l 2
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:04|wc -l 1
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:05|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:06|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:08|wc -l 2
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:11|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:12|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:13|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:14|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:16|wc -l 122
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:17|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:18|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:19|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:20|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:21|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:22|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 04/Sep/2014:23|wc -l 0
[root@cms02 logs]#

Sep 1, 2014

Same again. Continuation of the same attack.

Only came back up for a few hours:

IP= DAY=29/Aug/2014

[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=29/Aug/2014
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:00|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:01|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:02|wc -l 2
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:03|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:04|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:05|wc -l 3
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:06|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:08|wc -l 3
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:11|wc -l 3
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:12|wc -l 634
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:13|wc -l 356
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:14|wc -l 131
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:16|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:17|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:18|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:19|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:20|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:21|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:22|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 29/Aug/2014:23|wc -l 0

Whois indicates google is culprit:

[root@cms02 logs]# IP= DAY=29/Aug/2014
cat access_log|grep ^|grep 29/Aug/2014:11|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep ^|grep 29/Aug/2014:12|wc -l 424
cat access_log|grep ^|grep 29/Aug/2014:13|wc -l 166
cat access_log|grep ^|grep 29/Aug/2014:14|wc -l 33
cat access_log|grep ^|grep 29/Aug/2014:15|wc -l 0

Aug 29, 2014

  • noted cms02 apache/svn not responding yesterday evening Aug 28
  • this morning: can ping, but cannot ssh or web access, reboot regains access
  • looks like another robot attack killing apache
[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=27/Aug/2014
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:00|wc -l 8
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:01|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:02|wc -l 2
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:03|wc -l 2
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:04|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:05|wc -l 1
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:06|wc -l 1
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:08|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:09|wc -l 4
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:10|wc -l 17
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:11|wc -l 8
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:12|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:13|wc -l 49
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:14|wc -l 82
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:16|wc -l 384
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:17|wc -l 918
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:18|wc -l 368
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:19|wc -l 184
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:20|wc -l 897
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:21|wc -l 202
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:22|wc -l 116
cat access_log|grep 27/Aug/2014:23|wc -l 159

[root@cms02 logs]# DAY=28/Aug/2014
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:00|wc -l 187
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:01|wc -l 361
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:02|wc -l 356
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:03|wc -l 273
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:04|wc -l 388
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:05|wc -l 402
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:06|wc -l 338
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:07|wc -l 339
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:08|wc -l 667
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:09|wc -l 407
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:10|wc -l 1040
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:11|wc -l 346
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:12|wc -l 258
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:13|wc -l 325
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:14|wc -l 393
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:16|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:17|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:18|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:19|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:20|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:21|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:22|wc -l 0
cat access_log|grep 28/Aug/2014:23|wc -l 0
[root@cms02 logs]#

Aug 4, 2014

Following a powercut cannot connect to cms02 over ssh, although looks normal at console login.

Stays same after commandline reboot.

[blyth@cms01 ~]$ uptime
 11:41:18 up  3:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00

delta:~ blyth$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

delta:~ blyth$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

[blyth@cms01 ~]$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

Looks like some network infrastructure did not come back following power outage.

Following Typhoon Matmo C2R to H1 backups failing

Possibly due to this ssh trouble:

[root@cms02 ~]# ssh H1
reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN ATTEMPT!
Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/id_rsa':
Last login: Thu Jul 24 14:05:43 2014 from
[blyth@hep1 ~]$ uptime
14:07:36 up  4:08,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Attack 19/Jun/2014 from

delta:cms02 blyth$  LOG=Jun_2014_access_log DAY=19/Jun/2014
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:00|wc -l 421
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:01|wc -l 383
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:02|wc -l 422
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:03|wc -l 355
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:04|wc -l 379
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:05|wc -l 2794
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:06|wc -l 4
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:08|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:11|wc -l 149
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:12|wc -l 129
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:13|wc -l 137
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:14|wc -l 200
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:15|wc -l 129
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:16|wc -l 99
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:17|wc -l 146
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:18|wc -l 114
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:19|wc -l 218
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:20|wc -l 346
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:21|wc -l 348
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:22|wc -l 327
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 19/Jun/2014:23|wc -l 393

grep 19/Jun/2014:05 Jun_2014_access_log | cut -d " " -f1
delta:cms02 blyth$ LOG=Jun_2014_access_log DAY=19/Jun/2014 IP=
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:00|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:01|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:02|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:03|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:04|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:05|wc -l 2466
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:06|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:07|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:08|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:11|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 19/Jun/2014:12|wc -l 0

Confirmed Robot Attack 20/Jun/2014 from

delta:cms02 blyth$ LOG=Jun_2014_access_log DAY=20/Jun/2014
grep 20/Jun/2014:00 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  423
grep 20/Jun/2014:01 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  684
grep 20/Jun/2014:02 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  620
grep 20/Jun/2014:03 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  602
grep 20/Jun/2014:04 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  627
grep 20/Jun/2014:05 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  600
grep 20/Jun/2014:06 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  623
grep 20/Jun/2014:07 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  2781
grep 20/Jun/2014:08 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:09 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:10 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:11 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  2723
grep 20/Jun/2014:12 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:13 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:14 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0
grep 20/Jun/2014:15 Jun_2014_access_log | wc -l  0

delta:cms02 blyth$ LOG=Jun_2014_access_log DAY=20/Jun/2014 IP=
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:00|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:01|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:02|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:03|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:04|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:05|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:06|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:07|wc -l 2440
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:08|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:09|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:10|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:11|wc -l 2640
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:12|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:13|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:14|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:15|wc -l 0
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep ^|grep 20/Jun/2014:16|wc -l 0

Normal Hourly Hits

delta:cms02 blyth$ LOG=Jun_2014_access_log DAY=18/Jun/2014
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:00|wc -l 512
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:01|wc -l 156
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:02|wc -l 215
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:03|wc -l 180
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:04|wc -l 252
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:05|wc -l 205
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:06|wc -l 333
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:07|wc -l 358
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:08|wc -l 296
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:09|wc -l 321
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:10|wc -l 299
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:11|wc -l 380
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:12|wc -l 482
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:13|wc -l 372
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:14|wc -l 408
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:15|wc -l 359
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:16|wc -l 348
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:17|wc -l 358
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:18|wc -l 317
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:19|wc -l 279
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:20|wc -l 321
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:21|wc -l 309
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:22|wc -l 184
cat Jun_2014_access_log|grep 18/Jun/2014:23|wc -l 412

Jun 20, 2014 : again

Another early morning fail and missed 07:42 check:

curl -s --connect-timeout 3

date                 val
-------------------  ----------
2014-06-20T10:42:01  0.0
2014-06-20T09:42:01  0.0
2014-06-20T08:42:01  0.0
2014-06-20T06:42:01  1.0
2014-06-20T05:42:01  1.0
2014-06-20T04:42:04  1.0
2014-06-20T03:42:02  1.0
2014-06-20T02:42:01  1.0

Working assumption is that rogue spiders are hitting on apache too much. Need to examine access_log to see if that is the case and block the offending IPs.

  1. After reboot, observe highly loaded machine and a screen full of httpd processes in top
  2. It takes more than 5min for httpd to stop after /sbin/service httpd stop

Jun 19, 2014 : httpd offline, OOM again

  1. valmon monitoring indicates apache SVN fail
  2. no httpd, pingable but cannot SSH in
  3. ~11:00 reboot
    • restores SSH access
    • but httpd does not come back automatically ?

hourly valmon monitoring fails from 06:42

curl -s --connect-timeout 3

date                 val
-------------------  ----------
2014-06-19T10:42:01  0.0
2014-06-19T09:42:01  0.0
2014-06-19T08:42:01  0.0
2014-06-19T07:42:01  0.0
2014-06-19T06:42:01  0.0
2014-06-19T05:42:01  1.0
2014-06-19T04:42:01  1.0
2014-06-19T03:42:01  1.0
2014-06-19T02:42:01  1.0
2014-06-19T01:42:01  1.0

Original Cause, httpd OOM

[root@cms02 log]# grep oom messages
Jun 19 06:40:41 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
Jun 19 07:28:57 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd2
Jun 19 08:04:39 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd0
Jun 19 08:38:38 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
Jun 19 08:40:13 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
Jun 19 09:21:33 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
Jun 19 10:21:45 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd2
Jun 19 10:27:25 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd2
Jun 19 10:29:30 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
Jun 19 10:56:40 cms02 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
[root@cms02 log]#

Restart httpd

[root@cms02 log]# /sbin/service httpd start