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Apache to bitbucket

Bitbucket Static Pages


The repo ~/ contains:

  • binaries arranged in directories
  • html pages derived from sources in ~/env

Guidelines for binaries

  1. not too big there is a 1GB limit on repo size
  2. use parallel folder hierarchy to the env repository

Index Page

Machinery to generate index html from RST sources with links to the notes and presentations:

cd ~/env/    # OR bitbucketstatic-;bitbucketstatic-scd
make                                  # writes ~/

cd ~/        # bitbucketstatic-cd

hg commit -m "update top index "
hg push


Slides TODO

  1. trac links need updates to bitbucket ones, after make leap to env in bitbucket and open env repo
  2. video and presentation PDF are too big for sensible storage in bitbucket repo, need to find another home (Dropbox ?) and link to it
    • linking video from Dropbox, works but very slow


  1. problem is that the dropbox is designed to be everywhere, including devices with very little available space having big files on those makes no sense
    • create a new dropbox account and only use its web interface for uploading
 delta:Dropbox blyth$ mv /Library/WebServer/Documents/env.keep/g4daeview_001.m4v Public/

*  video preview html page and over compressed video
*  good quality video, but slow to load
*     # hmm different ways of getting the link yield differet links