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Dev notes

  1. Initally had a bug of out of time order series, the resulting drawing caused js timeouts

To manually update from C2R, updating the SQLite DB and writing the json files into htdocs/data/scm_backup_check_<node>.json:

[root@cms02 ~]# env-
[root@cms02 ~]# scm-backup-
[root@cms02 ~]# scm-backup-monitor

To update the html docs that present the plots, do a sphinx run. This is not not needed every time, as the JSON gets loaded on page load:

cd $(env-home)

Check the results:

  1. http://localhost/e/scm/monitor/


  1. failure took a day to cause monitoring alarm, for example a node restart without reauthentication of the agent (the most common cause of failure) might not trigger alarm directly approx 50% of time depending on precise timing at which the check is made

    • adjusted the cut to 0.25 days to circumvent this, should always yield an alarm on first monitoring run following a failed backup/sync
  2. failure of remote DNA checks do not trigger fails of the backup

    • currently implemented via a remote command that depends on a remote env installation (so can be behind in its SVN revision)
    • tis failing at the moment due to python version L difference on the size
    • move this to use the fabric approach, and cause alarms on failed checks

Deploying to ?


  1. python2.5.6 + sphinx + docutils etc... into ~/local python
  2. fabric + simplejson
  3. caution this will not work in the system python2.3 (used by apache/modpython/trac)
  4. nginx running on 8080 (start nginx with command: nginx not nginx-start as do not have sudo and not needed for 8080 running)
  5. add env symbolic link to nginx docs
  6. hook up the javascript with link in _static
  7. test fabric run
  8. get Qiumei install git, in order to install converter for table handling
  9. deploy to real WW hub transfers to SDU : rather than current cross testing to backup node C of hub C2

automated updating

cronjob on C2R runs the scm-backup-monitor with cronline:

30 19 * * *  ( export HOME=/root ; export NODE=cms02 ; export ; export ENV_HOME=/home/blyth/env ; . /home/blyth/env/env.bash ; env-  ; scm-backup- ; scm-backup-monitor ) >  /var/scm/log/scm-backup-monitor-$(date +"\%a").log 2>&1

this doese the fabric run, sqlite persisting and json dumping

highstock and highcharts interference ?

Plots refusing to appear when served from cms02 when the templates/layout.html contains _static/highcharts/highcharts.js whereas OK locally on G ?

[blyth@cms02 e]$ svn diff  _templates/layout.html
Index: _templates/layout.html
--- _templates/layout.html      (revision 3487)
+++ _templates/layout.html      (working copy)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
{% extends "!layout.html" %}

-{% set script_files = script_files + ["_static/highstock/highstock.js","_static/highstock/modules/exporting.js", "_static/highcharts/highcharts.js" ] %}
+{% set script_files = script_files + ["_static/highstock/highstock.js","_static/highstock/modules/exporting.js" ] %}

{% block rootrellink %}
     <li><a href="/tracs/env/timeline">env</a> &raquo;</li>

Maybe related to murky practice of building html on G and rsyncing to C2 for presentation rather than building on C2.


  1. logging output is mixed up eg /var/scm/log/scm-backup-monitor-Thu.log : maybe regain the main from fab ?
  2. currently arbitrarily scaling to improve visibility of disparate valued
  3. prepare a separate sphinx for monitoring ?
  4. limit checking
  5. send html mail

highstock with jsfiddle

Try out changes interactively


nginx config

After copying a demo json from C onto WW this is still failing to present at IHEP with 404 from the below, whereas they work from N

Cause turned out to be an extraneous location direction at WW.