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Next StepsΒΆ

The mysqlhotcopy tarball for the recovered “channelquality_db” was prepared using a mysql server on installed for this purpose with precisely the same mysql version 5.0.45-community as that used on

Next steps summary for the parts I am aware of:

  1. Qiumei extracts “channelquality_db” hotcopy tarball onto dybdb1 [this will bring free space on the server /data down to ~9G]

    Testing the extraction of the 2.3G tarball onto belle7 took less than 5 min, creating a ~9.2G database directory. Other approaches such as digesting a mysqldump or CSV files were vetoed as they took ~40-70 min during which time the server was unresponsive.

  2. Simon, Gaosong test that “channelquality_db” is equivalent to “tmp_ligs_offline_db” up to SEQNO 323573. To facilitate comparison will instruct Qiumei to do a “repair table” to DqChannelStatus on the server [early next week]

  3. Qiumei installs cron invoked disk space monitoring script on the server

  4. Once “channelquality_db” is validated Qiumei can drop “tmp_ligs_offline_db” to free ~10G disk space on the server [back to ~19G free on the server]

  5. Miao/Gaosong re-fill into “channelquality_db” the lost entries with SEQNO > 323573 [estimated 2 days] [guess down to ~17G]

  6. Simon runs the compression script creating DqChannelPacked+Vld [running time was 26hrs up to SEQNO 323000, so estimate ~1 day to extend that to cover the KUP re-filling]

    The packed tables are a factor of 125 times smaller than the profligate DqChannelStatus, so mysqldump loading can be used to propagate the new table into offline_db

  7. Liang load mysqldump into offline_db.DqChannelPacked+Vld

  8. Brett tests service reading from offline_db.DqChannelPacked

  9. Craig, Weidong provide solution for tight disk space situation on the server. A new disk ? A new server ?

    Operating with such a tight disk space situation on our primary DB server is asking for trouble.