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Meshlab Usage



Qt based GUI for mesh viewing/manipulation


The Visualization and Computer Graphics Library (VCG for short) is a open source portable C++ templated library for manipulation, processing and displaying with OpenGL of triangle and tetrahedral meshes.

The library, composed by more than 100k lines of code, is released under the GPL license, and it is the base of most of the software tools of the Visual Computing Lab of the Italian National Research Council Institute ISTI (, like metro and MeshLab.


  1. supports VRML/X3D/STL import and export
  2. documentation is sparse
  3. billed as for handling unstrucutured meshes : does that mean it will flatten the scene graph ?

iOS source ? (hmm GPL)

Quote from

The source code of MeshLab for iOS and MeshLab for Android is not available for the general public. We can provide customized version of it, or license the viewing component under a commercial agreement.