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Getting Started with Opticks

Exporting Geometry

If your geometry is modelled in Geant4 then it is straightforward to export it using my geometry exporter into the DAE file format used by Opticks. This works analogously to the GDML exporter.

G4VPhysicalVolume* world_pv = m_detector->Construct();
G4DAEParser* g4dae = new G4DAEParser ;
G4bool refs = true ;
G4bool recreatePoly = false ;
G4int nodeIndex = -1 ;   // so World is volume 0
g4dae->Write(path, world_pv, refs, recreatePoly, nodeIndex );

Exporting Event Data

Getting the event data is currently a little more involved, requiring the G4Cerenkov and G4Scintillation processes to be modified. I intend to streamline this in future, to reduce the amount of code that needs to be duplicated by each user. Examples for Daya Bay:

To use the resulting geometry and event files and do GPU simulations and visualizations you need to install Opticks and dependencies : which require an NVIDIA GPU with at least CUDA compute capability 3.0 (any NVIDIA GPU less than ~3 years old should be OK).

If this setup would take a long time, you could also share the geometry and event files with me to make visualisations.