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Use hg-month n to review commits for the numbered month, negative n eg -12 for December of last year.


  • start bringing materials to GPU via textures
  • introduce the geocache
  • material code translation in Lookup
  • adopt ImGui


  • develop highly compressed photon records
  • ViewNPY machinery for OpenGL uploading
  • get animation working
  • add GOpticalSurface, for transporting surface props thru Assimp/AssimpWrap into GGeo
  • learning Thrust
  • OptiX 3.8 , CUDA 7.0 update


  • photon indexing with Thrust
  • verifying ThrustIndex by comparison against the much slower SequenceNPY
  • auto-finding repeated geometry assemblies by progeny transform/mesh-index digests in GTreeCheck
  • interim Linux compatibility working with Tao
  • 4-GPU machine testing with Tao
  • OpenGL instancing
  • trying to get JUNO geometry to work
  • computeTest timings for Juno Scintillation as vary CUDA core counts


  • OptiX instancing
  • intro BBox standins
  • Thrust interop


  • use interop Thrust/CUDA/OptiX to make photons fully GPU resident, eliminating overheads
  • add Torch for testing
  • investigate bad material for upwards going photons, find cause is bad geometry
  • integrate OpenMesh to enable mesh fixing


  • vertex deduping as standard
  • IAV and OAV mesh surgery
  • sensor handling
  • identity with instancing
  • analytic geometry description of DYB PMT via detdesc parsing and geometrical partitioning
  • flexible boundary creation


  • overhaul material/surface/boundary handling to allow dynamic boundary creation post geocache
  • implement dynamic test geometry creation controlled by commandline argument, using “–test” option
  • npy analysis for Fresnel reflection testing
  • adopt more rational PMT partitioning surfaces (not a direct translation)


  • prism test with Plankian light source using GPU texture
  • rainbow comparisons against expectation
  • cfg4 : new package for comparison against standalone geant4
  • cfg4 G4StepPoint recording : creating opticks format photon/step/history records with cfg4-
  • Opticks/Geant4 rainbow scatter matching achieved
  • enable loading of photons/records into ggv, in pricipal enables visualizing both Opticks and G4 cfg4- generated/propagated events on non-CUDA machines
  • begin revival of compute mode


  • rework Bookmarks, split off state handling into NState
  • add InterpolatedView for viewpoint animation
  • JUNO meeting presentation
  • PSROC meeting presentation


  • create analytic geometry description of Dayabay PMT
  • PMTInBox debugging
  • compositing OptiX raytrace with OpenGL rasterized


  • resolved PMT skimmer BR BR vs BR BT issue : turned out to be Opticks TIR bug
  • PmtInBox step-by-step record distribution chi2 comparison
  • rejig material/surface/boundary buffer layout to match OptiX tex2d float4 textures, with wavelength samples and float4 at the tip of the array serialization
  • Dayabay presentation
  • screen capture movie making
  • GTC presentation


  • GTC
  • factoring usage of OptiX to provide functionality on non-CUDA/OptiX capable nodes
  • CMake superbuild with CTests
  • external get/build/install scripts
  • prep for spawning Opticks repository


  • shifts
  • getting more CTests to pass