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Material Properties

[WORKED AROUND] Issue : old GDML export omits material properties

Get NULL MPT in loaded model:

147 void G4GDMLWriteMaterials::MaterialWrite(const G4Material* const materialPtr)
148 {
163    if (materialPtr->GetMaterialPropertiesTable())
164    {
165      PropertyWrite(materialElement, materialPtr);
166    }

228 void G4GDMLWriteMaterials::PropertyWrite(xercesc::DOMElement* matElement,
229                                          const G4Material* const mat)
230 {
241    for (mpos=pmap->begin(); mpos!=pmap->end(); mpos++)
242    {
243       propElement = NewElement("property");
244       propElement->setAttributeNode(NewAttribute("name", mpos->first));
245       propElement->setAttributeNode(NewAttribute("ref",
246                                     GenerateName(mpos->first, mpos->second)));

No property elements in the ancient geant4 exported GDML:

simon:cfg4 blyth$ grep property /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.gdml

Only that one GDML file amongst the exports, exports were copied over to D:

simon:export blyth$ find . -name '*.gdml'
simon:export blyth$ pwd

Anyhow checking geant4.0.2p01/G4GDMLWriteMaterials::MaterialWrite does not write material properties:

[blyth@ntugrid5 env]$ nuwa-;cd $(nuwa-g4-sdir)
  • re-export DYB geometry, checking material properties, old export lacks em
    • this not so easy, would need to backport recent GDML writer to work with nuwa but the info is in the DAE, and are able to reconstruct G4 materials with the properties for the geocache as done by cfg4- CPropLib, so used this workaround
    • Actually this work is closely releated to G4DAE exporter and intended eventual revisit to bring up to latest G4 and maybe find way to reduce pain of subsequent such syncing. Also note that GDML writer requires special G4 build configuration so if that could be avoided in g4d- ?
    • see also export-