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From script usage: VGDX DayaBay VGDX Lingao VGDX Far


Promoting from export into opticksdata

Select what to promote:

simon:opticks blyth$ opticksdata-;opticksdata-find-ls
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  7126305 Jun  7 20:12 /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  8918916 Jun  7 20:12 /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/Far_VGDX_20140414-1256/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  7126139 Jun  7 20:12 /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  78630 Jun  7 20:12 /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/LXe/g4_00.dae

simon:optickscore blyth$ export-;export-find-ls
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  7126305 Apr 14  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  8918916 Apr 14  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/Far_VGDX_20140414-1256/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  7126139 Apr 14  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247/g4_00.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  wheel  78630 May  5  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/LXe/g4_00.dae

-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  5228932 Oct 14  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.dae.noextra.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  260565 Mar  5 15:09 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/dpib/cfg4.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  210955 Jul 22  2015 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/nopmt.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  25782981 Aug 25  2015 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/t3.dae
-rw-r--r--@ 1 blyth  staff  6406279 May 25  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test.dae
-rw-r--r--@ 1 blyth  staff  4200320 Aug 21  2015 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test.nometa.dae
-rw-r--r--@ 1 blyth  staff  6430314 May 25  2014 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test2.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  25782981 Jul 21  2015 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test3.dae
-rw-r--r--  1 blyth  staff  16262853 Aug 21  2015 /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test3.nometa.dae

Check the command, then pipe to shell:

simon:optickscore blyth$ export-copy- dae test3
mkdir -p /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/juno
cp /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/juno/test3.dae /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/juno/test3.dae

Hmm thats too big for comfort, but proceed anyhow:

simon:opticksdata blyth$ du -h  export/juno/test3.dae
 25M    export/juno/test3.dae

simon:opticksdata blyth$ export-copy-all-  cfg4
cp /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/dpib/cfg4.dae /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/dpib/cfg4.dae
simon:opticksdata blyth$
simon:opticksdata blyth$ export-copy-all-  cfg4  | sh
simon:ana blyth$ opticksdata-find-du
6.8M    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.dae
256K    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/dpib/cfg4.dae
8.5M    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/Far_VGDX_20140414-1256/g4_00.dae
 25M    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/juno/test3.dae
6.8M    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247/g4_00.dae
 80K    /Users/blyth/opticksdata/export/LXe/g4_00.dae


simon:env blyth$ find . -name '*.*' -type f -exec grep -H IDPATH_DPIB_PMT {} \;
Binary file ./_build/doctrees/graphics/ggeoview/geometry_review.doctree matches
./graphics/ggeoview/geometry_review.rst:    48 export IDPATH_DPIB_PMT=/usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/dpib/cfg4.6f627a3ec05405cbcfff6bd479fbdd37.dae
./graphics/ggeoview/geometry_review.rst:     146                  pmtpath=$IDPATH_DPIB_PMT/GMergedMesh/0
./graphics/ggeoview/ggv.bash:                 pmtpath=$IDPATH_DPIB_PMT/GMergedMesh/0
./numerics/npy/    #base = os.path.expandvars("$IDPATH_DPIB_PMT/GMergedMesh/0")
./numerics/npy/    DPIB_PMT = os.path.expandvars("$IDPATH_DPIB_PMT");
Binary file ./optix/ggeo/ matches
./optix/ggeo/    "pmtpath=$IDPATH_DPIB_PMT/GMergedMesh/0_"
simon:env blyth$

issue : not producing exports on G5

Seems to run but no files:

[blyth@ntugrid5 ~]$ VGDX DayaBay
=== dyb-- : defining dyb function
=== dyb-- : invoking "dyb dybgaudi"
#CMT> The tag ntu_tarurl is not used in any tag expression. Please check spelling
=== dyb-- : invoking "dyb dybdbi"
#CMT> The tag ntu_tarurl is not used in any tag expression. Please check spelling

On D GDML symbols in libG4persistency.dylib:

simon:lib blyth$ nm libG4persistency.dylib | grep GDML | c++filt

Huh on G5 no such lib, need DYBX perhaps:

blyth@ntugrid5 Linux-g++]$ l libG4pers*
ls: cannot access libG4pers*: No such file or directory
[blyth@ntugrid5 Linux-g++]$ pwd

Relation of export-name to GCache idp dir

GCache dir is beneath the export-name dir as it represents, via the digest in the name, the geometry volume selection used to create the cache.

delta:cu blyth$ export-;export-name dyb
delta:cu blyth$ idp
delta:g4_00.96ff965744a2f6b78c24e33c80d3a4cd.dae blyth$
delta:g4_00.96ff965744a2f6b78c24e33c80d3a4cd.dae blyth$ pwd

How the export works

Critical part of module hooks up the export G4 RunAction:

69     # --- WRL + GDML + DAE geometry export ---------------------------------
70     from GaussTools.GaussToolsConf import GiGaRunActionExport, GiGaRunActionCommand, GiGaRunActionSequence
71     export = GiGaRunActionExport("GiGa.GiGaRunActionExport")
73     giga.RunAction = export
74     giga.VisManager = "GiGaVisManager/GiGaVis"
76     import DetSim
77     DetSim.Configure(physlist=DetSim.physics_list_basic,site=site)
delta:env blyth$ find . -name 'GiGaRunActionExport.*'
530 void GiGaRunActionExport::WriteDAE(G4VPhysicalVolume* wpv, const G4String& path, G4bool recreatePoly  )
531 {
532 #ifdef EXPORT_G4DAE
533    if(path.length() == 0 || wpv == 0){
534        std::cout << "GiGaRunActionExport::WriteDAE invalid path OR NULL PV  " << path << std::endl ;
535        return ;
536    }
537    std::cout << "GiGaRunActionExport::WriteDAE to " << path << " recreatePoly " << recreatePoly << std::endl ;
538    G4DAEParser parser ;
539    G4bool refs = true ;
540    G4int nodeIndex = -1 ;   // so World is volume 0
541    parser.Write(path, wpv, refs, recreatePoly, nodeIndex );
542 #else
543    std::cout << "GiGaRunActionExport::WriteDAE BUT this installation  not compiled with -DEXPORT_G4DAE " << std::endl ;
544 #endif
545 }

Explore Id Mapping export MX DayaBay

Notable Exports

To make exports easily accessible from multiple machines, they are stored on cms02 webserver. Grab the g4_00.dae from the export directory on N with:

[root@cms02 downloads]# export-pull Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247

Belle7 down, so custom copy

cmd="scp N:$(NODE_TAG=N EXPORT_EXT=gdml export-name dyb) $(EXPORT_EXT=gdml export-name dyb)"
echo $cmd
   scp N:/data1/env/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.gdml /usr/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300/g4_00.gdml
eval $cmd

Getting Exports

Browse available exports at

Grab with:


Getting CerenkovStep/ScintillationStep files

delta:~ blyth$ export-cerenkov-get
mkdir -p /usr/local/env/cerenkov && scp G5:/home/blyth/local/env/cerenkov/1.npy /usr/local/env/cerenkov/1.npy

delta:~ blyth$ export-cerenkov-get | sh
1.npy                                                                                               100%  747KB 746.9KB/s   00:01

Administrator: Placing Exports

Formerly kept in cms02 apache htdocs:

[blyth@cms02 env]$ ll /data/env/system/apache/httpd-2.0.64/htdocs/env/geant4/geometry/export/
total 40
drwxr-xr-x  2 blyth blyth 4096 Apr 14 12:51 Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247
drwxr-xr-x  2 blyth blyth 4096 Apr 14 12:59 Far_VGDX_20140414-1256
drwxr-xr-x  2 blyth blyth 4096 Apr 14 13:04 DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300

[blyth@cms02 export]$ du -hs *
6.9M    DayaBay_VGDX_20140414-1300
8.6M    Far_VGDX_20140414-1256
6.9M    Lingao_VGDX_20140414-1247
  1. env-htdocs-rsync assuming creation into htdocs. Export machinery predates that.
  2. new approach, need to push to bitbucket from /Users/blyth/ in order to appear
    • hmm, bitbucket does not provide automatic directories,
      • generate some html OR base on RST and include in notes ?
delta:geometry blyth$ pwd
delta:geometry blyth$ l
total 0
drwxr-xr-x  4 blyth  staff  136 Apr 27 11:57 collada

For now, just manually grab:

delta:export blyth$ scp -r N:/data1/env/local/env/geant4/geometry/export/DayaBay_MX_20140916-2050 .

Export Environment Setup

Following nuwa integration changes need to use DYBX installation “geant4_with_dae” for this otherwise the export runs without error but no exports happen, as preprocessor not enabled in the compile of standard installation


envvar is set based on the script argument controls the formats and their order of export

Meaning of the G4DAE_EXPORT_SEQUENCE control characters:

VRML WriteVis, same as “IF”
VRML InitVis
VRML FlushVis
Write DAE, without poly recreation : unless not existing already
Write DAE, with forced poly recreation
Write GDML
Clean SolidStore
Abrupt Exit


parses WRL and DAE files writing SQLite DB with geom, point and face tables. Connects the DB into an sqlite3 session.


Propagated to libc M_CHECK_ACTION, 1 means deatailed error message but continue
Rather than /dev/tty to allow redirection, to allow correlation of the corruption with stdout