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January 2015

Considering upgrading from Mavericks to Yosemite, any CUDA implications ?

OSX Syspref says:

CUDA 6.5.36 Driver update is available

CUDA Driver Version : 5.5.47

GPU Driver Version : 8.26.26 310.40.45f01

Release notes:

Some chatter regards problems, but suspect issue with addon hardware on Mac Pro

March 12, 2014

Updated (using System Preferences > CUDA ) to the latest available in hope of avoiding frequent GPU kernel panics in response to running Chroma ray tracing camera.


CUDA Driver Version: 5.5.28
GPU Driver Version: 8.24.9 310.40.25f01


CUDA Driver Version: 5.5.47
GPU Driver Version: 8.24.9 310.40.25f01


MacBook Pro, Retina, Late 2013, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

PyCUDA Debugging

cuda-gdb --args python -m pycuda.debug
cuda-gdb --args python -m pycuda.debug -s3199 -d3 -f10 --eye=0,1,0 --lookat=10,0,10  -i

System Preferences

System Preferences > Energy Saver deselect Automatic graphics switching when on Power Adapter

  • this means the discrete GPU is always used rather than the integrated one
  • perhaps the switch contributes to problems

Simultaneous Integrated and Discrete GPU Operation ?

Is it possible to configure:

  • integrated Intel Iris GPU for OpenGL apps like pygame and OSX Desktop
  • discrete NVIDIA GPU for CUDA compute only


Technical Q&A QA1734: Allowing OpenGL applications to utilize the integrated GPU